About Real Aikido

Real Aikido is efficient, widely applicable self-defence skill, based on modified original aikido. The creator of Real Aikido is colonel general Lyubomir - Lyuba Vracharevich, holder of the black belt, 10th Dan, academician of Real Aikido and jiu-jitsu. Thanks to his long experience acquired and improved by continual contact with first-class Japanese masters of this skill, Master Vracharevich distinguished several thousand techniques, reformed their elements, introducing in his own knowledge from other fighting skills, creating a new style - Real Aikido. Real Aikido is extremely efficient and flexible self-defence system. Flexibility and roughness of Real Aikido is just one of its most important characteristics. Putting together different techniques according to the real situation, ensures the maximal efficiency of Real Aikido. Hence, unlimited possibilities of Real Aikido enable to apply it in a multilateral way in practice. There is no age or sex limit for dealing with this martial art. This feature allows older people, young people and younger children to be engaged in Real Aikido. The Real Aikido for children is taught by a special methodological program created by academician Lyubomir Vracharevich. Real Aikido is especially suitable for bodyguards and special military and police units training. In this field, Master Vracharevich has achieved unique results even outside his country - bodyguards training of the presidents of Zimbabwe, Libya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Russia and russian police special units "Alpha" and "Cobra". Real Aikido is a martial art developed by Lyubomir Vracharevich, a self-defence instructor from Serbia. It is a mixture of aikido, judo and jiu-jitsu techniques, with some modifications made by Vracharevich. The Real Aikido defence system includes unarmed techniques, as well as defence against weapons such as knife, pistol, etc. The curriculum itself is mainly based on a general aikido curriculum, with a kyu/dan system of grading. Apart from grappling, self-defence against strikes also includes evasion and some blocking techniques.

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